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Our team of hygienists are available every day and work with the dentists to provide a full range of treatments. Some of our Hygienists can see patients without dentist referral for routine treatment under "Direct Access", however more advance conditions need to be assessed by a Dentist.


Hygienists' treatments can brighten and lighten your teeth by removing staining and discolouration as well as treating gum inflammation and they can advise on individual cleaning techniques to keep your oral health in the best shape possible.

Brushing and flossing provide essential reduction in the amount of plaque that is formed but irrespective of your home hygiene, bacteria will still be present and can result in infection and inflammation of your gums.

This condition is known as gingivitis and nearly all adults suffer from this to some degree. Bleeding when brushing or flossing your teeth is one of the earliest signs of gingivitis. If not removed, plaque will become mineralised and adhere to your teeth to the point that it cannot be removed by tooth brushing alone.


Removal of these deposits by your hygienist is important to prevent progression of the gingivitis to periodontitis, which initially involves the loss of the bone around your teeth, then increasing looseness and eventually to the loss of the teeth themselves.


The hygienist will be able to access those areas difficult to maintain especially around crowded teeth, complex restorations and implants. They will spend the time to advise you on the best techniques for home care.

Gum disease is the greatest cause of tooth loss over the age of 35. It is much easier to prevent gum disease than to treat it.


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