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Cosmetic Dentistry

Are you unhappy with your teeth? If they are crowded, discoloured or stained, worn down or moving, cosmetic dentistry could help to resolve these problems and bring back your confidence and smile. Many of our patients are surprised at the huge difference it can make to them.

Before and after teeth whitening

If your teeth have started to look more discoloured and stained with time, we have several ways to achieve predictable, noticeable tooth whitening using the best and safest procedures. A consultation will determine the most appropriate method for you.


Porcelain Veneers are an excellent way of renewing teeth worn through excessive abrasion, masking or replacing discoloured anterior fillings and many cases of crowding or gaps.


Tired of only being offered metal fillings? There are metal-free alternatives that will provide aesthetic and functional long-term solutions in almost all cases.


If you are missing teeth, permanent replacement can be transforming, either through implant placement or bridgework.


Crowded or misaligned teeth can often be corrected with Invisalign the nearly invisible way to straighten teeth or for a perfect result with clear fixed braces arrange a consultation with our orthodontist.


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