Facial Rejuvenation

Facial rejuvenation and wrinkle-relaxing treatments (Botox) are one of the fastest growing cosmetic procedures today.

Although any authorised consultant can administer wrinkle relaxants, physicians and dentists specialising in cosmetic procedures have an intimate knowledge of the facial muscles and are generally more experienced and sought after by patients.

We are pleased to have Gail Robson join our team. She is a New Zealand dental graduate and has provided facial rejuvenation treatments in London for many years .


Often wrinkle-relaxing / Botox treatments are combined with dermal fillers or other cosmetic procedures in different areas of the face for a more complete smoothing of wrinkles and facial lines. Wrinkle-relaxing treatments may be used around the upper face, while dermal fillers may be better used to treat lines around the mouth, or to provide volume where it has been lost.

Gail will be able to advise you on what is most appropriate for you. Treatment takes about 15 minutes and within a few days there will be a noticeable improvement in those persistent facial lines giving you a more healthy and fresh appearance.